Marrakesh Express

You'll find here links to different kinds of sites, most with some tie to Morocco or to handmade items. Visit often; I'll update it as I find more good links.  Also check my Travel link for specific travel information, including the cultural tourism trips I lead each year.


Video description of Marrakesh Express, filmed in N'kob

This 90 second video succinctly explains my carpet project with Moroccan women, and shows you some of the environment and people of N'kob.

Moroccan women talk about weaving

This article from describes beautifully the situation of women weavers in Morocco in the fall of 2009, and includes a wonderful video of the women of Anzal (about an hour from N'kob, one of the villages I work with) talking about it themselves.

Kantara Crafts Moroccan Rugs

This site shares my goals of fair prices for Moroccan weavers; I met with Alia Kate and Janelle Downing before they began, and am glad this trend is expanding.  The site showcases handwoven rugs from five Moroccan villages, many that have worked with Peace Corps Volunteers.  They are based in New York City and do home showings if you are in that area; the site has contact information.

Overview of Moroccan rugs

This site has a nice, illustrated overview of Moroccan rug styles, with other interesting links.

Oriental rugs, books, and articles

This site has a wealth of information on a wide variety of Oriental rugs.  Type "Morocco" into the search box on the upper right to see just those.  The bottom of the page has rug sales sites.


Friends of Morocco

This is an organization made up of Americans who have lived in Morocco - mostly returned Peace Corps volunteers - and Moroccans in America, sharing an interest in promoting educational, cultural, charitable, social, literary and scientific exchange between the two countries. The page has many resources, including links to many Morocco sites, American sources of Moroccan products, and volunteer opportunities.

The home page of this accomplished writer on Moroccan and Mediterranean cooking gives many recipes, cooking tips, lists her other books and has a brief biography. It also contains articles, including her recent nostalgic return to Tangier where she had been a longtime resident.

"Come with me to the Kasbah"

The home page of Morocco-raised cookbook author Kitty Morse, it contains her other cookbooks, including vegetarian food from North Africa, and describes the culinary tours she leads there.