Testimonials from “Opening Doors in Morocco”, “Inside Morocco”, and
“Textile Arts in Morocco”


These are from people who have traveled with me since 2002.

“Excellent trip, with wonderful staff and varied experiences. We had great food, great interactions with people on all levels, and the warmth of the Moroccan people was felt by all.” Kathy H.

“The breadth and variety of experience from very small, personal village visits to big city markets was priceless.”

“I took a week-long trip to Morocco with Susan Davis and after over 25 years of travelling extensively, I can still say that it was probably the most rewarding trip of my life [she’s a travel agent]. Susan’s experience is second to none: her stint in the Peace Corps, living in Morocco, speaking the language and writing a book about the role of women in Morocco, added a “living” dimension to our trip. We were able to stop in the middle of a Berber camp and have a conversation with the family living there, to eat a meal in a private home, and interact on a personal level with Moroccans. .. Above all, her enthusiasm is contagious, and she draws people in to appreciate this fascinating world - to open the door to which she holds the magic key.”

“Good info pre-trip, great staff, large bus gave us space to spread out. Loved the smaller hotels……Traveling felt much, much safer than I expected – meaning merchants were not in my face. People on the streets just ignored us. I never felt unsafe, even when by myself.”

“I thought it was a very well-organized tour, and very good value for money.”

“I liked the opportunity to meet with many different types of Moroccan people, to visit their non-profits, and the wonderful opportunities to photograph.” Ann Steiner, NYC

“I have been on 5 small group textile tours and have met innumerable cooperatives. . . but have never experienced the person-to-person opportunities we did on this tour. The broad cross section of women of different ages, backgrounds and interests was due primarily to [Susan’s] work in Morocco. Meeting all of those women plus traveling the length and breadth of Morocco certainly dispelled stereotypes and created connections for all of us!”

“It was great to learn about people’s lives, and their thoughts about their culture.” Joan, university professor

"The trip was fascinating and far exceeded my expectations... One of the many highlights for me was being invited into the homes of ordinary (although in fact, far from ordinary, as it turned out) Moroccans...who opened their homes and hearts to us." Chrissie T.

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